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Monday, May 6, 2013

Red Chair Jigsaw Quilt

I call this the "Red Chair Quilt," because it's the quilt top on the red rocking chair pictured at the top of my quilting blog.  It's made from a jelly roll of French General fabric.  It's the first quilt I ever made (pieced) and it has been sitting unfinished for over a year in my sewing room.  I was at a loss as to how to quilt it.  Or if I even knew how.  I made this quilt before I had a long arm machine - and really didn't know what I was doing even with my sewing machine.  Reading the pattern for this thing was like reading Greek....... I had to youtube all sorts of tutorial videos just to get it done.  I felt like such a moron.   So when I finished it I was so proud :)  And then it sat there.....for what seemed like a long time......until I knew what to do with it.  
So now it's finished and these are the pictures :)  I really love it.  
It's my best work so far on this quilting journey. 

{my first attempt at "ruler work"}

{tons of tiny swirls in between each jigsaw triangle - and lots more ruler work}

I love quilting :)

Grandma's Quilt

Remember this quilt top from last summer??  I was waiting for a sweet baby girl to finish it for - I ended up finishing it for my sweet Grandma's birthday instead.  My grandma is so amazing and I'm glad I could make something to give her that she enjoys.  

I quilted several words on the quilt top that represent the roles my grandma has played throughout her life.  They include:  Grandma, wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.  

I also love the fabric on this quilt, because it includes several inspirational thoughts and quotes.  And it's beautiful - just like my Grandma.  :)


I love you Grandma.  And I love quilting :)

Caelan's Quilt

Caelan is one of our 6 year olds :)  Yes - we have 2 six year olds (about to turn 7 at our house).  Caelan's been asking for a quilt for awhile now - he asked for something "bumpy" and soft.  

The back is brown minky.  I quilted it in a large all over stipple.  It's super cute - so is Caelan :)

I put his name in the quilt in swirly writing - he still hasn't found it yet.  He told me he doesn't know how to read "swirly"...... he doesn't want anyone to tell him where it will be so fun when he finally finds it :)

I love quilting :)

Scrappy Trip Along Quilt

I saw this quilt all over Instagram and all the cute quilting blogs that I follow - and it looked challenging, yet doable for I gave it a shot.  I love that I could make a few blocks, walk away from it for a few days and then get right back into it without a struggle for directions.  You can find the tutorial here.
I decided to use scraps from all the Bonnie & Camille fabric I have in my stash - so that included:  Ruby, Bliss, Vintage Modern, and Marmalade.

{see my SWOON block on the wall??}

I quilted each little block with an orange peel.  Wow that got tiring after several hundred!  Bonus is that I can now do that pattern freehand IN. MY. SLEEP.  :)

Casey, Liam and Tommy were anxious to check out the snuggly factor on this one :)  I think the smiles speak for themselves :)

I backed it with white puckered minky....

More shots of the quilting......cause to be honest, that's my favorite part!

I love quilting :)

Swoon Baby Quilt

Here's another little baby quilt I made last actually hangs in my sewing room now - because I couldn't stand to part with it AND because I might have a slight addiction when it comes to "Swoon" blocks..... that's what that big star block pattern is called:  SWOON.  Doesn't it make you do. just. that.?

I love quilting :)

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